When Dr. & Mrs. Melvin Harter arrived at Miracle Valley in 1999, there was very little, if any, material regarding Rev. A. A. Allen or the A. A. Allen Revivals, Inc.

When Dr. Harter expressed his desire to establish a memorial to Rev. & Mrs. Allen in the way of a museum or an archive of the Bible College, certain individuals in the local community made donations of their Allen material to the Allen Memorial Museum, thus allowing vast numbers of other people the opportunity of viewing the Allen material.

These donations included -

  • Large Pictures of A. A. Allen
  • Various News Clippings
  • Several Books authored by A. A. Allen
  • Records - many that were recorded and produced at Miracle Valley, Arizona
  • Miracle Magazines - we still lack certain issues
  • Personal Letters as well as Confidential Letters mailed to members of Miracle Revival Ministerial Fellowship
  • Brochures regarding the Allen Miracle Revival Campaigns and events at Miracle Valley

These artifacts contain valuable information giving insight to the Allen Ministry. We want to make as much of this material available to everyone via internet.

Any donation of the Allen Artifacts and/or finances that anyone would like to make to the Archive Department of the Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminary would be greatly appreciative. 

  • Volunteers Needed - the Archive Department needs volunteers willing to scan material, organize and preserve Allen materials. Please contact the Archive Department of Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminay if you would like to assist the college in this area.

Thank you and God richly bless you.

- The Harters


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