Allen left Lamar, CO and relocated to Dallas, TX on November 1, 1953.

Allen's first office building was located at 2308 S. Lancaster Street in Dallas, TX.

He leased this building and was in it from November 1, 1953 through December 1, 1954. The building remains today, although it no longer is maintained. The above photo shows what it looks today.

Allen's first Headquarters Building

This is a photo of this office building when Allen used it. This picture was copied from an old "Allen Revival News" - A Special Edition of the Voice of Healing magazine.

On November 1, 1953, the "Allen Revival Hour" began broadcasting over 9 stations. It first home was established in the tiny rented building shown above.

One year later, Allen purchased a 40 by 60 concrete building on a corner lot at 2800 E Illinois Avenue, Dallas, TX - just a few miles from where he had leased the previous year.

Due to the increase in his ministry, Allen soon increased the size of the building by expanding its length another 60 feet.

The above photo shows how the building looks today. If you look carefully, you can see where the building was doubled and where the orignal windows and doors were initially located.

Allen's Second Headquarter's Building

The above photo is a picture of Allen's Headquarters Office located at 2800 E. Illinois Street in Dallas, TX.

In November 1954, Allen purchased the building picture above. Although this building doubled his former capacity, providing 3000 feet of floor space, already congestion began to develop. However, adequate space is available for the erection of a still larger building on the same property. Plans soon were underway for a modern office building, adequate to care for all of his operations, and to provide for expansion. This building housed the offices of THE ALLEN REVIVAL HOUR, LA HORA DE LIBERACION, and the business offices for the Allen Revival Campaigns, as well as the Publications Department.

Allen remained at this site from December 1, 1954 until God gave him in 1958 a large tract of land in southern Arizona. In 1959, Allen relocated his headquarters to his Arizona property which he named Miracle Valley. He remained in Miracle Valley until his death in June 1970.

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