Larmar, Colorado is where it seem to all start with the Allen Ministry.

Pictured left to right are R. W. Schambach, A. A. Allen, and Kent Rogers.  Notice Allen's forehead.  A cross has appeared on his forehead.  According to the late Ray Kemery, Allen had tried to remove the cross; however, he was unable to do so. 

In the 1940s, A. A. Allen and his wife, Lexie, traveled in evangelistic work. During a previous camp meeting they attended, God led Allen to Pollock, ID. During their time in Idaho, the Allens established a local church. However, prior to his starting his new church, Allen was invited by another minister to conduct revival services in the upper room of this building. 

Dr. Harter visited this area and spoke with a woman who has lived in the house next door, asking if she ever remembered Allen's revival. The woman stated she did indeed remembered Brother Allen and the revival services that he held in the upper room of the building adjacent to her now existing home, which at the time of the revival, her house had served as a gasoline station.  She said that her husband attended the Allen Revival, held in the large open room in the upstairs of the adjacent house. She stated that her husband said he never saw anything like this revival before. During Allen's service, people fell to the floor and some even rolled. (This was a common occurrance among early first generation Pentecostals.) Initially, it frightened her husband, but at the same time, he continued to go to the Allen revival meetings because he felt something he had never felt before. 

On the other side of Allen's Revival house is the local Post Office. You can read more about this revival meeting in one of Allen's books, MY CROSS, page 66 & GOD'S MAN OF FAITH AND POWER, page 113-119. 

"The axe was raised above his shoulder, ready for the downward stroke. Suddenley, it seemed the wood closet was filled with the presence of God. "Stop!" came the command. "Your work here is done. I want you to go down to Pollock. The time has come for the work I sent you to Idaho to do."

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