A. A. Allen on VHS 7 Tape, DVD Series each about 60 minutes
VHS or DVD Collection A. A. Allen  1-7 What God Says About Holiness How to Have God's Confidence
Whatsoever You Shall Bind on Earth Will Be Bound In Heaven, Monkey Boy,  Jesus is Here, It is Finished,  The Key to Deliverance,  You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free,  Who Can Heal the Sick? Walking, Leaping and Praising God,  How to Have Authority Over Devils!  It Pays to Serve the Devil! (You get 14 sermons on 7 tapes or DVD's)
DVD Offer 1-7 Collection 7 Discs Price: $94.99

What God Says About Holiness! How to Have God's Confidence!
These two sermons delivered by A. A. Allen are powerful and are useful to everyone living  a christian life.  You will hear Bro. Allen Preach his first message and have a prayer line.  In the prayer line you will see miracle after miracle that will build your faith in God.  The second Message Bro. Allen Preaches giving you a sermon on Confidence.  He then goes into praying for the Sick.  You will be amazed at what God does.  Person after Person is healed, and set free by the Power of God.  Both of these sermons are on this one tape!
DVD Offer 1 Price: $14.99

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