The large tent was a nine-pole tent.  It seated 22,000 people.  One man who helped erect this tent said that it was very scary and perhaps even dangerous because the tent was so large.  Even though Allen had the largest gospel tent in the world of his day, it still was unable to accommodate the vast crowds that attended the Allen Revivals.

In addition to Allen's large tent, he always had an adjacent smaller tent that he called the "Prayer Tent."  It was in this particular tent where Allen had those who needed salvation, the baptism of the Holy Ghost, or something else from God, to go and get down on their knees and pray and call upon God!

Through Allen's ministry, he continued to utilize the gospel tent.  Here is a night view of Allen's tent with seating capacity of over 5,000 in the latter part of his life.

Several times a year, Rev. Allen would put up his large gospel tent directly behind the existing tabernacle located on his property at Miracle Valley, Arizona USA

The existing tabernacle at Miracle Valley was constructed where Allen had erected his large gospel tent during Camp Meeting at Miracle Valley, Arizona.  The power of God was outstanding. 

The March 1959 Miracle Magazine shows on its front cover a picture of the "Glory Cloud" that came down and settled just above the tent and continued throughout the camp meeting.  Allen believed this spot to be a holy place, and therefore, that very place became the site for the construction of the large tabernacle at Miracle Valley, Arizona USA.

A Personal Message from A. A. ALLEN -

"What I am going to tell you is hard to believe - that is, unless you believe God meant what He said in Habakkuk 1:5 - "...I will work a work in YOUR DAYS WHICH YE WILL NOT BELIEVE, THOUGH IT BE TOLD YOU!"  Here is part of that story.

When the Phoenix Camp closed, our second size tent was already up in Miracle Valley for "Miracle Week."  (This tent has not been used for our tent meetings in cities for two years, as it is only 120' X 200').  Hundreds of people drove from Phoenix at night, as soon as the service had closed, in order to be at "Miracle Valley" for the first service the very next morning.

With David Davis, our revival pianist, helping me drive, we left Phoenix about 1:00 A.M., for "Miracle Valley," which is south of Phoenix.  When we were still 35 miles from the Valley, we saw ahead of us one of the most beautiful sights we have ever seen.  Although there was no moon, and the sun was hours from rising, and it was pitch dark night, over "Miracle Valley" hung a beautiful blue-white cloud, so bright that it looked flourescent.  It appeared to me to be about 10 miles long and possibly a mile wide.

I said to David, "That Cloud is over Miracle Valley!  It is a supernatural sign that God is there, and will be there in a special way during this 'Miracle Week,' while people are coming in from all over the nation.  God is showing us that we are to expect something miraculous." 

"THIS IS MY VALLEY!  Here have I called my people; yea, I have ordained it."

A missionary on his way to Formosa had a vision all day long, of Jesus walking through the valley.

Under the old canvas, thousands have seen visions of angels, or beheld Christ as He laid His hands upon the sick, with the evangelist, and brought healing and deliverance.  Even the sawdust under the canvas brought healing and miracles to many.

A lady teacher on the High School staff, with a true gift of prophecy, began prophesying.  The heart of her message was that God said, "This valley is Mine - from mountain top to mountain top have I walked across it.  I have chosen this valley for My own; I have named it, and have chosen it for this particular time....I have called My servants from the North, South, East and West to come here to prepare themselves to be sent with My Gospel of the miraculous to the uttermost parts of the gather the ripened grain in the whitened harvest fields....I have named this valley and created it for My own!"

After she had stopped speaking, Brother Allen declared:

"Friends, you are on holy ground - ground on which God has walked!  This is better than miracle shavings.  There is more of it.  I would like for you to take some of this soil home with you."


The West is noted for her sandstorms certain seasons of the year.  The dust began to blow.  Again, Brother Allen, with the group of believers, rebuked the wind and dust.  A great calm came for the night's services, and remained throughout the rest of the week. 

That night, in the service in the tent, a man arose and testified how he and his family had driven through such a severe wind storm up to within one mile from the tent. He said that, as he inquired directions to the tent in MIRACLE VALLEY, he was told where to come but the man giving him instructions said, "You will not find a tent up there - they could not possibly keep a tent up in this terrific wind!" (It was estimated at around 65 miles an hour.)  They came on to MIRACLE VALLEY, anyway, trusting God to protect them and found that God had calmed the wind from within a mile of the tent, around it and the buildings of the Miracle Revival Training Center.

Naturally, there are skeptics who will say this is only imagination, but the Lord said, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established." (Matthew 18:16).  Two of our ladies from the Dallas office drove to Sierra Vista after the service. God showed them that what the man testified was true.  Within one mile from the tent there was such  a wind (estimated there at around 65 miles per hour) that it nearly blew cars off the road. 

God's hand was over MIRACLE VALLEY!  He had given in prophecy and interpretations the assurance that His presence would hover over the place; He would protect it by His power; He would rebuke te wind and the sand, for His glory!


Then I looked up toward the heavens and saw one of the most glorious sights I have ever seen.  It was the presence of God, in the form of an oblong, brightly illuminated cloud, blue white in color, which was hovering over us and "Miracle Valley" - floating gently above us and covering the entire "MIRACLE VALLEY."  As God led the Children of Israel "a Pillar of cloud by day....and by night in a pillar of fire...." (Ex. 13:21), so was the Lord preceding our entrance into "MIRACLE VALLEY" with one of the most brightly illuminated clouds I have ever seen.

During the Sunday School on the previous day, and during the Sunday church service, the Lord's presence had been so mightily manifested to the group there and He had assured them, through prophecy, in these words:

"I , Myself, as a cloud, do hover over this Valley; even as I hovered over the Children of Israel in a cloud, so do I, likewise, hover over 'MIRACLE VALLEY.'"

Of this I am sure, that God - by the presence of this cloud - in the darkness of the night, let us know HE NOT ONLY IS WITH US IN THE OTHER PHASES OF OUR MINISTRY, BUT IS ALSO PRESENT, IN A VERY SPECIAL WAY, AT MIRACLE VALLEY!  And that, inasmuch as He is present there, MIRACLE VALLEY IS IN THE PERFECT WILL OF GOD and will continue to be blessed of the Lord!  Therefore, all those who have  a part in helping build "MIRACLE VALLEY" will share in that great ministry which God ALREADY HAS ORDAINED FOR US - AND OF WHICH HE IS TAKING A PART!


In the January 1959 issue of Miracle Magazine, Allen told his friends that "we are reserving every inch of that canvas for a special purpose.  We believe that even as the five broken loaves were made to bless thousands more because they were broken, even so the remains of the old canvas can bring blessing, yet, to thousands."

Dr. Harter was donated a few pieces of the canvas from A. A. Allen's tent.  They are available (as supplies last) to those who will make a donation of at least $2,000 or more to help in the restoration of MIRACLE VALLEY.  There are only a few pieces left.  They will be gone soon.  These pieces of Allen's tent are not being sold.  They are simply a gift to those who make this special donation to the restoration of MIRACLE VALLEY.

Would you like a piece, as a souvenir?  Send your donation TODAY!

Thus, you can have a part in the GREATER WORK which God has promised, a RESTORED MIRACLE VALLEY, a place where God's Spirit moves again!

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