Quotes from Rev. A. A. Allen
Referring to A. A. ALLEN - "One is arrested (but not convicted) on a trumped up charge, diametrically opposite to his known character and convictions. He is quickly and cheerfully ostracized by his former denominational associates and expelled from his organization without trial."

Refering to JACK COE - Another is jailed for “practicing medicine without a license,” his words twisted and misconstrued, and his ministry held up to ridicule in some of the leading newspapers and magazines.

Referring to ORAL ROBERTS - Still another is greeted as he enters a foreign country to preach the gospel of deliverance to thousands who need it so greatly, with the derisive headlines, “SALVATION CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN.” He is asked by his own governmental representatives to go back home, and not to cause a disturbance by remaining!

Referring to A. A. ALLEN - In another place religious leaders incite a few citizens of a community to demand the revocation of a revival permit, leveling pointed criticism at the mode of worship carried on under the tent. “Is this worship?” They ask.


Crucified With Christ
It took a resurrected Christ to send the special enduement of power.

Death precedes resurrection. When we pray for this power, it is resurrection power we are praying for.

But just as Christ was willing to be crucified before He could send this power, we, too, must be willing to be crucified in order to be used for the benefit of others.

Could this be the reason so many who claim to have the baptism of the Holy Spirit do not manifest the power?

Isn’t this a glaring defect in Pentecostal circles to which the skeptical churches and the unbelievers can point? Can we blame them?


Bestowing Spiritual Gifts
I do not believe nor teach nor do I practice the bestowing or confirming of “Spiritual Gifts’ by the laying on of hands.


Instead of preaching supernatural regeneration by the power of God, they talk of natural “growth.”

They no longer preach divine sanctification, but human “education.” Instead of supernatural grace, they talk of natural “morality.”

Many even deny the deity of Christ, the blood atonement, the inspiration of the Bible, the fall of man and the resulting depravity of the human heart. They declare that man is getting “better and better.” They talk loftily of the “divine spark” in all mankind, and of the “inherent goodness” which will prevail if it is only given a chance!

They have no use for repentance for they have been told that it is “psychologically harmful.”

Many deny that such a thing as sin really exists. (Some even deny the reality of sickness. These will accept a handsome fee for teaching you that a pain is not a pain!)

Instead of salvation by the blood of Jesus, these modern pulpiteers talk of “works” and “character.”

Instead of basing their lectures upon the Bible, the inspired Word of God, they talk glowingly about the latest theories of science and reason.


God & Medical Doctors
“..yet in his disease he sought not to the LORD but to the physicians.” What happened? God drew a line between what Asa did and what Asa should have done, and God did not connect the two together.

God did not connect the LORD and the physicians, the LORD and medicine, or the LORD and drugs. God did not connect the LORD with the arm of flesh.

In this verse of scripture, and throughout the Bible, God has separated medicine from God’s healing power and has never connected the two together.

God has never resorted to natural means or to man’s methods, as good as they may seem to be, or as badly as you may want them.


God Uses Holy Ghost Anointed Individuals
God has never resorted to using any kind of vessel that isn’t filled with the Holy Ghost.

He doesn’t have to borrow vessels from anyone else; He can make His own vessels, clean them up, sanctify them, and get them ready for His use.

And if God is going to use man, He is going to use him in such a way the Spirit of God can operate through him. Man won’t do the work, but the Spirit and power of the Holy Ghost will do it through man.

I have often said, “It isn’t my hand that heals the sick or performs a miracle, it’s the Spirit of God and the gift and power of God working through a man that is yielded to Him.”


Sanctification Again
How can a man yield to God so that He can use him to do His work?

God cannot use a man unless he is saved, born again, washed in the blood, sanctified, and full of the Holy Ghost.

God uses yielded vessels that are clean, filled, and anointed.


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