To Whom It May Concern,

I, (Name Withheld) graduated from Miracle Valley Bible College in May of 1972.  This is my testimony to the death of A. A. Allen.  I came to Miracle Valley right after Bro. Allen had died.

I worked as assistant secretary to the secretary, Ada Tye, of Miracle Revival Fellowship.  This office issued and renewed ministers' license.  Our mail was not opened by the mail room.  Our mail was separated and sent directly to our office.

One day as I was opening the mail, a check for $10,000.00 fell out of the envelope. This check was from a religious organization and was made out to the person who sent it.  I thought that perhaps the check was sent to us by mistake.  I read the letter.  The letter was from the coroner that examined Bro. Allen.  He was asking forgiveness for stating to the media a false accusation.  He had stated that Bro. Allen had died of acute alcoholism which caused him to have cirrhosis of the liver.  I immediately gave the letter to Sis Tye, who in turn brought it to Mary Jo, who was on the board of directors.

The board called a meeting and decided that someone from the valley should go and meet with the coroner.  Before anyone did, the coroner hung himself.  The matter was not pursued because of these circumstances.

We had many ministers of this organization which also held a fellowship license with Miracle Revival Fellowship. This was also a determining factor as to keep peace and fellowship with these innocent ministers who had nothing to do with this.  It was felt by the heads of Miracle Revival Fellowship, that Bro. Allen would be remembered as the man of faith and power that he was according to John 3:2c.  Bro. Allen's death certificate stated that he died of cardiac arrest.  So it seemed the matter was settled.

I am so sorry and do apologize, especially to Bro. Allen's family and all who loved him, that I did not come forth sooner.  I talked to James about two years ago and wished that I would have come forth then.  I don't know why others did not say anything publicly, or maybe they did, but I do not know.  I know it was spoken of privately, because Eunice, (Bro. Allen's sister), had sent me word through a mutual minister friend of ours.

I hope in some way that I have helped someone to understand what really happened.  I do pray that Bro. Allen will be remembered as one of God's special people.  He has left a tremendous legacy for us to follow.  The anointing of God was so strong in his life that demons trembled when in his presence.  A life dedicated to God is what brings this kind of anointing.   


(Name Withheld by the Archive Department of Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminary - Miracle Valley, Arizona USA)

[Dr. Henry Turkel was the City Coroner of San Francisco for decades and was the inspiration for the show Quincy (in the 1950's-70's).  Coroner Henry W. Turkel - San Francisco, CA 94103  Born September 24, 1014 and died in February 1972.]

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